Komodo's music is available in stores across Canada, and is available world-wide from the Sambal Records web store. You can also find it from a host of online stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Boomkat, Juno, Digital Tunes and many more.
After several years of producing the ground-breaking and influential "Komodo Dubs" concert series in Montreal, composing soundtracks for documentaries, multimedia installations and contemporary dance shows, and spending time performing and travelling in China, Mexico, and Japan, Komodo returns from the studio with his second full-length album, "Shadow Dance". Ranging from densely layered atmospheres to stripped back minimalism, and seamlessly guiding the listener from textured, open-ended spaces into driving, bass-heavy grooves before shapeshifting again, Komodo's latest album bears all the hallmarks of an artist who is expanding his musical palette and deepening his skills as a musician, producer and composer.
Komodo's debut album, "Subluna", is a combination of electronic beats and live world music, featuring master musicians from places as diverse as Brazil, Iran, Jamaica, Rajasthan and Turkey. Komodo brings the beats, synths and samples to the mix, as well as performances on the Australian didgeridoo, North-African percussion, and Turkish ney.

Rated one of the five best albums of 2008 by the CBC's Claude Rajotte!